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Don't expect more than three posts a year unless things get exciting.
And don't expect any common theme.
I could talk about politics in one post and the inner workings of a rotary loom in another.

However, the trend seems to be that I'm writing about invisible elephants in the room, those things that everyone accepts but no one cares to think about.

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20190411 (most of this was written in 2017): What is the Alt-Right?
20190414 (the core foundations of this idea were established before 2017): Influencing Political Nexuses Using Criminal Relocation
20190623 The basis for censorship in a time of weapon prohibitions
20190805 Terrorism?
20190903 The quantum nature of LAW
20191106 HOWTO: Identifying "Fake News"
20191111 Cycles
20200319 Pandemic
20210109 Update
20210112 (The last modification date for my text was 8/1/2020): Protests
20210113 I'm releasing the text because I would rather people read it without the supporting media or proper formatting than not read it in time.