It really jogs the noggin

Modern society has much in common with the life cycle of the Western Yellow Jacket.
For those of you unfamiliar with this particular species of wasp, they're the epitome of greed.

In mid spring, the queen emerges from hibernation and looks for a suitable nesting location. Nectar and protein are plentiful from mid spring to early summer, so the workers are able to forage nectar for themselves and protein for the larvae.
Nectar becomes scarcer as summer progresses into fall, so the workers must shift from foraging for both nectar for themselves and protein for the larvae, to just protein for the larvae who then provide them with sugar.
This is the point where the workers begin to become more aggressive. The workers eventually turn on themselves as protein becomes harder to find and the days become shorter.
As this is happening, the queens fatten up and flee the hive before it self destructs in late fall.
The queens go into hibernation for the winter, and the cycle continues the next spring.

They devour until they cannibalize themselves.

You can see this pattern all around you.

But maybe you can't.

In my previous post on "Fake News", I established an anchor in this timeline at the Treaty of Versailles because it was the point at which I determined that the rich and powerful began to fully impose themselves upon their host nations.

The generations which came after the treaty, especially the children born after World War 2, were raised in a plentiful time. They had endless opportunities to make a living, bought and sold real estate as though it were a disposable accessory, and bought a new car every year.

They've forced their descendants to become more aggressive by destroying the opportunities they benefited from in order to make a quick buck and pinch pennies.

As they've aged, they've liquidated their assets and treated the foundations of culture as "an investment". An investment they've decided to fritter away on casinos, trend chasing, and a new car when the plastic on their old one shows age.

But wait, there's more!

Not only does modern society mimic the life cycle of the gluttonous Yellow Jacket, it also mimics the social hierarchy of a wolf pack.

The breeding pair dominates the social structure of the pack. They eat first, their offspring are cared for by the pack, and they decide the destiny of the pack.
The younger members make up the bulk of the pack, and organize themselves based on dominance.
The most dominant of the younger members eventually replace the breeding pair when they lose their ability to dominate.
The least dominant of the younger members often leave the pack to form their own.

But how does this apply to modern society?
The boomer dominates the sociopolitical structure of the State. They ensure they have social security, medicare, and dismiss anything which opposes the narrative they've been taught in State schools and State sponsored media.

For example: Their hatred of anything nuclear despite the absolute need to build and develop new nuclear reactors to continually inhabit the same regions without relying on hydrocarbon fuel for electricity.

Trigger Alert: The Baby Boomers and Nuclear Anxiety

archive source

Their offspring organize themselves by how well they succeed in the rat race and by how well they parrot their elders.

Their maladaptive offspring venture into whatever frontier they can find to form their own cultures.

But there are no more frontiers, and the rat race continues to become more competitive with every new generation.

Go to college! You'll land a $60,000/yr job when you graduate! You'll pay off that loan in no time!

Millennials Are Facing $1 Trillion in Debt

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The older generations have continued to operate on the presumption that to get a job all you have to do is "walk up to the manager and give him a firm handshake", and "no matter the diploma, it shows that you can stick with it".

This blissful ignorance has led them to dive headfirst into the end stage of the Yellow Jacket life cycle.
Just like the gluttonous Yellow Jacket, they'll take everything to the grave, but the State will take the rest in exit taxes.

But why is this a problem?

No one is self made.
If a family is unable to concentrate it's efforts across multiple generations it will eventually require the support of the State.
The efforts of the family are best preserved across generations in the form of real estate. And that is what makes "everything is an investment" so disgusting.
Real estate has been treated as "an investment" by at least three generations, and we all know that "investments" are just future money in the pocket.

It's now rare to see a family home owned by the same family for over three generations outside the most wealthy families, because the common elder taught their children to sell out and move on.

The end result is a people who have forgotten their ancestor's achievements after only a few generations without the family land to anchor memories in time and space.

And as I've said before, "How can you make a stand against anything if you don't even know who you are?"

The gentle squeeze on the younger generations will result in more disenfranchisement which will lead to more violence as I've outlined in "Terrorism?", and "Influencing Political Nexuses".
Although it's just as likely that they'll come to these same conclusions quicker than a minority of the last few generations, and choose a radically different social path because of their time spent communicating on the internet.