I've unfortunately not made posts for several months.
I've not had time to properly condense and edit my thoughts, as I have been monitoringeverythingwhile putting money on what I've said.
I also didn't see the point of repeating myself - that's mainly why I wrote these things.

I did start writing and editing two posts on the "Protests", and "Innovations in Law Enforcement" in May which I will finish because it doesn't seem as though anyone has caught onto just how bad things will get.

I will leave you with three thoughts:

1. I'm still alive, I still check in, and I'm still working on this albeit at a much slower pace.
2. You're never alone no matter how isolated you may think you are.
    All you have to do is communicate through the socially acceptable mediums and art forms using a language that cannot be deciphered by outsiders.

3. The State's most dangerous enemy is it's Founding Nation when the State no longer represents it's Founding Nation.