I was going to write something long here, but I realized that I've already written everything I was planning to write. Instead you get a playlist.
If you're jonesing for something you can always re-read everything I've posted, because the old posts are relevant now more than ever.

This pandemic will stand as a monument to the folly of globalization.
notice the death rune on the singer's back

You're likely doomed if you live in a large population center, didn't start wearing at least an n95 mask in February, and start following a strict decontamination protocol.

Treat everything as bio-hazard, sanitize everything, even your face and clothes before entering your designated clean zones.

Find people who share your core ideology and pool effort, not resources.
Pay attention to the stories told by survivors of the Bosnian civil war.
You can't make it on your own.

You are not unique. There are thousands of (you)s spread across the world.
Find ways to communicate with your fellows in discreet ways.
If you can't find another (you), do what you can to make them.
If you can't make them, lead anyone who will listen.

Record everything. Post it everywhere.

The government which rules over you will be drawn to the Chinese methods of containment to soothe their economies.
If your internet gets filtered, use a CB. Find a HAM guy.
Mail it to your brother out of state so he can post it.
Use a spark gap generator and morse code to transmit a message.
We need to know what's happening so that we can prepare.

Loose lips sink ships. Yours better be flapping.
If you get sick, record your progress. Agony is momentary, glory is forever.

Always be at least four steps ahead of your government's CDC.

If you need something, whether it be food or drugs, get enough for at least three months before they announce that you should.
It's already too late once they announce that you should take action.

Any official infected count published by the US CDC, China, or Britain is easily 20 times smaller than reality, because these governments have extreme incentives to lie to their subjects.

A global economic crash is inevitable because the necessary public shutdowns needed to contain the Chinese Plague will destroy the service industry.
Services have become the largest source of income for subjects since nearly all industry was exported to cut costs.

Benis :-)

Do you still think I'm full of shit?
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Any public speaker that says anything similar to the CDC or WHO narratives is lying.

Always approach an official claim logically.

If the CDC says face masks are ineffective, then why do doctors want to wear them?
If doctors say it doesn't target a specific ethnicity, then why aren't they releasing the ethnicities of the infected? Why isn't there a "Faces of COVID-19" campaign?
If the Indian paper showing HIV gene insertions is false, then why are HIV medications effective?
If the government says it's contained, then why doesn't the government provide live maps which show infected hotspots and all vital statistics?

Why has the Kung-flu primarily effected the retirement eligible, when typical influenza outbreaks affect both the young and old?

"Wellness checks"

Do you think soldiers decontaminate between each house and person they interact with?

Do you think soldiers will treat you humanely when they have an expansive record which shows otherwise?

"Social distancing" is an engineered term.

You cannot distance yourself from others while being social.
Read "What is the Alt-Right?" if you haven't already.
The introduction of "Social Distancing" is a pitiful attempt to quell the questions over why month long mandatory quarantines were eliminated from ports of entry.

Whatever happened to Ellis Island?
How can you impose a month long quarantine on travelers if you don't have borders?
What's the point of preventing social stigmas by not releasing the who, where, what, when, why, and hows of the infected, and then forcing mass quarantines?